Fitness Belt In Pakistan-Sauna Massage 2 In 1 In Pakistan-Islamabad-Karachi-Lahore

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Sauna Massage 2 in 1 fitness belt have been marketed on ASSENONTV commercials and many websites for years. They are available in some local stores in pakistan. There is no special diet or exercise regimen required. Furthermore, Fitness belt may improve blood circulation is suitable for men and women.


Sauna Massage 2 in 1 Fitness Belt with complete accessories from waist extension, function controller and power supply in Pakistan. Slimming Massage Belt is a wearable device aimed at reducing the size of the midsection. Fitness belt ingredients or components typically include the belt itself, as well as a controller, adapter, battery and user manual. There are several brands that offer these toning devices for both women and men alike. Sauna Massage Fitness 2-in-1 belt are supposed to help target muscles to improve definition and tone. They can be used on the abdominal, buttocks, lower back, arms and thighs. You simply strap on the belt for about 20-25 minutes per session. Sauna massage belt use elector-stimulation and vibrations. 100% Brand new high quality both massage and heat can be operated at the same time to give the best efficiency of this product to produce best result for your body trim.Anyone of these two features can be operated independently at any time at your demand. Sauna Massage 2-in1 Fitness Belt industry has introduced a nearly countless assortment of gadgets promising fast weight loss. Fitness belt resembles a long heating pad that fits around your waste. Once turned on fitness belt causes perspiration around the midsection. Proponents of the device believe that fitness belt can improve health and speed weight loss.

Fitness Belt Features

  • Brand new and high quality
  • Supply: AC 110-220V/50-60Hz
  • The sauna belt can be focused to you the most problematic body parts, through
  • sauna to eliminate waste toxins, dissolving the fat
  • This portable sauna is most suitable for the abdomen, waist, back, and hips
  • You only need the belt around the chosen site, and then open the belt sauna
  • function can be very easy, easy to use
  • It uses brace firmly fixed, don’t worry loose
  • Miniature electromagnetic massage, relieve fatigue after work
  • Suitable for home and office, safe and reliable

Package includes

  1. 1 x Sauna Massage 2 in 1 Fitness Belt
  2. 1 x Power Transformer
  3. 1 x Temperature Controller
  4. 1 x Measuring Tape
  5. 1 x User Guide

Price 2699/-PKR


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