Sauna Massage Velform In Pakistan-Islamabad-Karachi-Lahore-Peshawar

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Sauna Massage Velform Drop those pounds while sitting the solace of your own home. Velform Sauna Massage Belt powerful combination is a fast and easy way to weight loss. Velform sauna belt adjusts to sizes big and small and has 2-in-1 powerful massage motors with three types of vibration. With its practical digital remote control LCD the intensity and rhythm of the vibrations.


The latest development sauna massage velform through a local sauna 2 in 1 way to minus your unwanted fat and waist hip fat reduce weight but also can ease muscle pain abdominal pain and other kinds of pain. Sauna massage velform can be comfortably sit in the home to easily finish and low cost does not have to spend thousands of money on redemptive a bulky slimming equipment. Portable Sauna Massage Velform is the most suitable for the abdomen, waist, back, hips and. You just need to belt around in your choice of position and then open sauna massage velform belt function can very easy to use. It uses magic tape firmly fixed don’t worry loose.


  • Heat Diffusion to ease blood circulation
  • 5 Level Auto and Manual Control for program, speed and direction
  • With speed and intensity of regulation automatic n manual massage modes
  • Integration velform massage intensity of a rhythmic massage programs
  • Designed in accordance with human to ensure greatest degree of comfort
  • As well as it is an innovative product, using the latest technology to provide you with an effective elliptical swinging massage
  • Professional slimming belt designed to effectively tone different sections of the body from the abdomen to calves

Sauna Massage Velform is a belt that straps around the midsection to help increase sweat and reduce fat. The purpose is to lock in heat and increase perspiration. Sauna Massage Velform in turn flushes toxins out of the skin, pulls retained water weight from the tissue and is intended to promote weight-loss as well. It can even be used on sore muscles to help relieve pain. Buy Velform Sauna Belt that it is easy to purchase online and it can be strapped on different parts of the body. Sauna Massage Velform Belt is available on BabaTara Online Shopping Website In Pakistan. There is no official website to visit or pull information from. Velform belt is easy to travel with and it’s suitable for both women and men.

Price 2199/-PKR


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