Shirt Button Camera Price In Pakistan-Karachi-Lahore-Islamabad

4.000,00 3.499,00

Spy button camera on your jacket, dress shirt, blouse, backpack or hat. Mini secret hidden camera that are disguised to look like a shirt or accessory button. Given its dimensions and generic design mini spy camera would be extremely easy to conceal anywhere on the body or elsewhere.


Shirt Spy Camera Smallest audio video recorder with Button shape camera for hidden AV recording. Connect shirt button camera directly with AV recorder no external power needed for the camera. Super crisp real time audio video recording with date and time stamping and especially designed for Law enforcement agencies for their hidden investigation. Shirt button camera wonderful device ideal for covert or spy operations. No Extra power for camera. Spy Button Camera with Video Recorder. Camera button product is the first high-definition digital camera with a separate recording and camera functions MINI DV, TF card memory. you can take photos and high-definition screen. When wear Shirt Button Camera have fantastic opportunity to capture video, voice recording that are easy to achieve and focus exactly on what you want. Because most applications will have the button placed on a chest location. you can easily determine what your video might look like since you have the same angle of view.

Despite its lack of functionality we were generally pleased with shirt button camera overall design. It is highly comparable in size to most of our other ranked products and weighs in at just over half an ounce. However spy camera button is made from plastic and subsequently, it feels as cheap as it looks. Mini shirt button camera doesn’t procure any high marks in regards to its battery. Shirt button camera equipped with an internal Lithium-ion (or Li-ion) battery that can be recharged using included USB connection cable. Although shirt button camera instructions state the battery can function up to two hours. It disappointingly lasts for barely one. Wearable camera are a popular choice for covert recording because they are so easy to hide on your person.

How to use Shirt Button Camera

  • Power on.
  • Press the record/stop button one full second until green light flashes once, now
  • you are recording.
  • Press the record / stop button one full second again until the green light flashes
  • once, now you have stopped recording.

Package Contain

  • 8gb Full hd shirt button camera
  • Usb cable for charging
  • English user manual
  • Retail Box

Price 3499/-PKR


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