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5.000,00 3.999,00

Manual hand machine Multi Kitchen Star juicer mincer, grinder, juicing all kinds of hard and soft fruits and vegetable. Kitchen Master is so light that you will face no problem in storing and using it again and again. Though kitchen star has a plastic body but it is durable. All its parts are easily detachable and hence it is very easy to wash.


Kitchen Star Juicer machine is good for fruits vegetables and also wheat grass. Kitchen Master great feature of Manual Juicer is the strong suction base that Food Processor. Kitchen Star Juicer will help you fix Manual juicer and this suction base will hold it firmly while you use it. Kitchen Star Juicer has an elaborate design that allows you to extract maximum juice from the fruits or vegetables.

Kitchen Star separates juice and pulp in one simple step. Kitchen Star manual Juicer is much cheaper than the other high-tech juicers that will cost you a fortune. Kitchen Star Juicer works well for all kinds of fruits and veggies like carrot, wheat grass, apples, citrus, celery or melons. Kitchen Star Juicer is very simple to use and needs no complicated process to be followed.

Kitchen Star Machine is a small portable manual juicer that you can carry with you while camping, traveling or anywhere you do not have electricity. Kitchen Master works like any other juicer and is even good to use at home. Kitchen Star Manual Juicer will extract fresh juice from your vegetables and fruits and even leafy greens or wheat grass and to add to it you will save on your electricity bill. Kitchen Star Juicer has a very sturdy suction base which lets you fix it to the counter and extract juice without toppling over.

Product Features & Specifications

  • It measures 6 x 6 x 10 inches and is portable.
  • It is weighs just 1 pound.
  • Its shipping weight is 2 pounds.
  • It works manually.
  • It has a suction base to fix it to the counter top.
  • All its parts are detachable and easily washable.
  • It has a plastic body.
  • It has an intricate design that gives you maximum juice extraction.
  • It separates the pulp and seeds.

Price 3999/-PKR


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