A note on the salmon lace backpacker bag

I got the salmon flannel backpacker with white mesh, white lining, a zipper, and white leather pockets.

It has a padded hip belt that folds into a zippered front pocket, and a zipper on the inside of the pack that opens to the outside.

The inside has a zipper pocket that can hold a laptop, headphones, a phone, a passport, or a keychain.

The front pocket has two zippable mesh pockets.

The interior has mesh pockets for keys, a laptop/phone, a wallet, and other accessories.

I’m very happy with this backpacker.

The bag is not as warm as a regular backpacker backpack, but it’s comfortable, and I have no complaints about the pack’s design.

The zipper on top is soft and easy to use, so it’s easy to slip your pack under your shirt without feeling like you’re wearing an expensive suit.

The backpacker is a great value.

I’ve already had to give up my regular bag because it was too heavy and cumbersome.

If you need a light backpack, the salmon is worth considering.

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