How to buy a lace bag

A black lace bag with a lace cellophanes pattern may seem like an odd choice for a suitcase, but this bag is the perfect accessory for travelling with friends or relatives. 

The bag features a black and white floral print motif and is designed to be worn with either a black or white scarf. 

In this post, I’ll explain how to get started with a black lace cello bag. 

 First, get your lace bag ready.

The bag is very easy to make.

Just lay out the bag and cut out the lace pattern you want to use.

If you are making a bag with one side of the bag facing towards the sky, you’ll want to cut out a hole to make it more of a hat.

Then, you just need to lay out a rectangle of fabric around the lace bag.

Then cut a hole in the rectangle and tape a black ribbon through it. 

Next, you need to find the fabric that you want. 

I like to use linen because it is soft and breathable and doesn’t fray.

It also has a much more stable texture, so you can stretch it out as needed. 

Then, you will need to add a few extra things to the bag: a zipper (I use the one that comes with the fabric) and a button that you can hang it on a hook.

You can also put a flowery ornaments, a small ribbon, or even a simple picture of your friend in your bag.

If this is your first time sewing lace, make sure to pick out a fabric that is similar to what you already have. 

Now, attach your lace cellophone to your bag with ribbon.

Make sure the ribbon is just about flat and then pin the fabric to the zipper. 

Pin the zipper down and then slide your hook through the fabric until you get the zipper in place. 

Using the back of your sewing machine, sew your ribbon in place with the seam allowance.

Then flip your bag over, pin the seam and sew it down again. 

Repeat this process until the bag is finished. 

Once you have your bag finished, you can place it on your bag rack to keep it tidy and to keep your friends and family away. 

It’s easy to find all of the details of a lace ornament. 

The lace cellphone is the easiest way to use a lace purse, and it can be used as a carry-on or as a small gift. 

If you want something even more unique, check out this lace bag that will make a cute, handmade gift.

 For a more detailed tutorial on how to make a lace pocket, check this post. 

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