Watch: Watch: Lacrosse gloves worn by former NHL player on video (10:55)

Former NHL player and current Toronto Maple Leafs player Chris Chelios is being sued by the league after it was revealed that he wore a pair of lace-style baggies while playing for the Edmonton Oilers and the Buffalo Sabres.

According to a report in the Toronto Sun, Chelios wore the bags during an NHL game in 2010 and 2011.

“The bags were worn by Chelios during the Oilers and Sabres games during the 2010 and 11 NHL seasons,” the suit filed Tuesday in Toronto says.

“Chelios admitted wearing these bags and stated that he did so in order to save a $1,000 savings he had made on his salary while working at the rink.”

It was also revealed that Chelios was wearing the baggys while wearing the number 13.

The suit alleges that Chelms’ “unconscious and unlawful actions were designed to conceal his illegal conduct, which was committed without his knowledge, consent or knowledge of his potential penalty,” and that he acted with intent to cause injury.

“This action is without merit and seeks to recover damages for the serious injury to the plaintiff’s reputation and reputation of the plaintiff, his employer, his former employer and the League and the NHL,” the filing reads.

It goes on to allege that Chelies “acted in a manner that was calculated to deceive the Plaintiff and his employer and his former employers and to conceal the extent of his conduct, his knowledge and his intentions.”

“The Plaintiff believes the league should take swift and appropriate action to protect the reputation of its players and players’ rights,” the complaint reads.

The suits seeks an injunction that would prohibit the league from allowing Chelios to wear the baggy while playing in the NHL, and an order that would prevent the league “from making any other disclosures about the existence of the bags or the manner in which they were worn.”

The suit also seeks unspecified damages for Chelios’ “psychological suffering” and the “physical and emotional distress and pain” of his former employees and “physical, mental and emotional injuries, as well as the emotional and financial costs of this action.”

The NHL has previously denied having any ties to Chelios.

“We have not heard of anyone in the league wearing lace-like bags and there’s nothing we can do to confirm that,” a league spokesman told CBC News on Tuesday.

“It’s not something that’s a concern of ours.”