When Lavender Bags Become Your Lace Lace Bag #4: A Lavender Bag Is A Lace Bag #5: A New Lavender Crayon Bag

A new type of bag that you’ve never seen before: a lacy, lavender bag. 

You see, we like to be spontaneous when it comes to fashion, and we’re always looking for new ways to bring our love for the season to life.

So when we were asked to create the Lavender Box for our upcoming Lace Lavender collection, we knew it was something we couldn’t miss.

We knew that we wanted to create a lac de bager, but we wanted it to be something that was wearable, as well.

We knew it would be a perfect companion for the seasons color palette.

We decided to create our new Lavender Lace Bowls in a lascivious, lacy pink and blue with an all-over lavender gradient on top.

The lavender bowl is the perfect accessory to complete the look of a lace lavender crayon bag.

A lavender lavender lacy lacy lavender with a lavender purple and lavender red lining.

The Lavender Bowls will be available in sizes from a small to a large and are available now at Nordstrom.com and select Nordstrom stores.