Why is there a black lace bag in the dress?

“It is a classic dress,” says designer Diane von Furstenberg.

“The lace has to be a lot of it.

It has to have a nice, rich colour.

The lace can be a little bit too much.”

In a statement, the brand said the lace was made in Italy from a single-ply fabric, so there is a very low chance of the lace bag catching fire.

“Lace bags are a fashion statement,” said the brand.

“It doesn’t have to be expensive.”

The dress itself is made from a fabric made of a synthetic silk blend that is softer than the natural silk of the earth.

The bag is made to hold the lace and a bag of the same colour.

“We wanted to use a material that is both durable and breathable,” says the brand’s head of fashion, Vanessa Dabiri.

“And it is.”

In other words, the bag is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and warm.

It is also made of recycled polyester, which helps absorb water from the environment.

“I’m always fascinated by the impact of our fabrics,” says Dabir.

“There is no doubt about it: they are incredibly important to us.”

The bag also includes a tiny pocket and a zipper closure.

“In a sense it is a fashion accessory for people who love fashion,” says von Furstenberg.

“You could wear this bag all day, or it could be part of a wedding dress.” 

Diane von Fursteinenberg: ‘We wanted a classic look that could be worn anywhere’ “When you see a black bag in a dress, you feel it’s not so much about the colour but about the materials,” says Von Furstenburg.

“If you want a black dress, or if you want to be stylish and show off, then you need a bag that will last you a long time.”

The lace bag is a product of fashion.

It’s a piece of art, it’s a product that’s a part of our culture, it reflects our values and it reflects the spirit of the city.

“When we launched the lace bags, we wanted to create a fashion piece that reflects the city, so we made a very simple design, a black and white bag that we think is a statement of the colours of the dress.”

The lace black bag is the latest in a series of black bags.

“With black bags, there’s an element of a celebration,” says Diane von Farsteinenberg. 

“The bag has a simple colour and a beautiful design, which is something that is very important to people,” says Vanessa Dabsiri, who also created the black lace bags.

We wanted a black black bag that was warm, but also had a little touch of black. “

So we wanted a product with the right balance between the two.

Our black bags reflect the spirit and spirit of Venice and the way that people feel in the city.”