Fox News hosts: N.Y. mayor is ‘very much in the spotlight’

N.y. mayor and his top aides have become the focus of intense scrutiny as the investigation into whether they improperly received gifts from a wealthy businesswoman in exchange for their support of his campaign has intensified.

On Thursday, The New York Times published a lengthy account of the investigation that found that the mayor’s office and his chief of staff were “in a state of extreme anxiety” about how to respond to the allegations.

They had spent weeks trying to work through what to do with the questions they had received from the newspaper about the mayor, and they were still trying to process the questions when the Times published the account, said a person familiar with the matter who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing probe.

On Friday, a reporter from The New Yorker wrote that the city’s chief of police had called the mayor to inform him that he had been investigated by the FBI and that he should not speak to the press.

He told him that the FBI had “received a tip that you may have broken the law,” the reporter wrote.

The mayor, who has not been charged, denied the account in a statement provided to The Associated Press.

In an interview with The New Republic, a liberal news website, he said he did not have knowledge of the FBI probe but had taken a “very careful and balanced approach” to the investigation.

He also said the city was cooperating fully with the probe, saying the city would not have “any kind of political retribution.”

Fox News Channel anchor Meghan McCain said in a tweet that the story was “very bad for our mayor.”

Fox’s John Roberts said the story “is an indictment of the entire administration,” and “a huge waste of time.”

Fox hosts Martha MacCallum and Gretchen Carlson also questioned whether the mayor should be fired.