How to dress up as a purple lace dress, and a purple skirt, for Halloween

A new series of videos from the YouTube channel PurpleLace have inspired some great Halloween costume ideas for kids, and it’s all thanks to the adorable pink lace bag.

The videos have been posted on YouTube since November, and since the first one, the group has received hundreds of likes and comments.

The bag’s design is based on the bag we’re all familiar with, the bag used by the princess of fairy tales, Jasmine.

But it’s the design of the lace on the skirt, which looks like a purple flower, that really caught our eye.

The video series also features several other clever Halloween costumes.

For example, one of the videos shows two kids dressed as a red lace dress and a pink skirt.

They even dress up like the characters from the Disney princesses Cinderella and Snow White.

But this is the one we think is the most amazing.

We love this because it’s just so easy to pull off.

Kids can use the same bag to dress like the princesses in Cinderella, Snow White, or Belle and the Beast.

The clips are hilarious and make you laugh.

We’re sure that the kids are going to love the bags too.

It’s just fun to dress as the princess and to see all the princess princesses with purple lace on them!

What do you think of the designs in the PurpleLacie videos?

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