‘Lace Bag Malaysia’ gets a facelift and an upgraded camera

LACE BAG SALES MALAYSIA has just launched a new beauty range with a new model, dubbed the “Lacebag Malaysias.”

The brand has partnered with the LACEBAG MALABUHA LAB, a beauty salon in Kuala Lumpur.

It will be available in three shades: Lace Bags Lace, Love and Ivory.

LACE Bags The first colour is a warm coral pink with a pink base, and the second is a deeper purple with a purple-red base.

The third colour is the same colour as the first one, but darker, and is called “LACE”.

The new range is available now on LACEBARGLASS.

For the new LACEBG color, the brand chose a deep rose-tinged coral-peach shade.

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