‘Glad to see the trend’ in valentines, says Pranab Mukherjee – Times of America

“The last time I wore a bra in India was on my wedding day in 2009.

It was a momentous occasion and I was crying,” she said.

“We wanted to show the world that women in India have an interest in wearing bras.

It’s a very important moment in our lives.”

Pranaj said she is thrilled with the trend and has no plans to stop wearing them.

“I will always wear them.

I have always felt very comfortable with my bra and I will continue to do so,” she added.

The trend has been around for a while.

In April, the Indian Prime Minister announced that women can wear the ‘lace bag’ at weddings.

The initiative is being launched to encourage women to wear their dresses in public places, such as shopping malls and cafes, in an effort to break the stereotype that Indian women are prudish and do not dress in revealing clothing.

In December, the country’s top court, the Supreme Court, ruled that a woman cannot be forced to wear a bra during her wedding ceremony, and a few months later, the Delhi High Court ruled that women have a right to wear what they want.