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Small, lace-bound, and made from the same old materials, these lace bag bangkongs are a great way to keep your cash in check while in a crowded airport.

While we don’t have exact prices for the products on display, these bangkoks will likely sell out quickly, so grab yours now and head to your nearest Kohl’s store.

Small, low-profile, and designed for travel, these bags feature a padded interior with a zipper that opens to reveal a bag that doubles as a storage space.

The inside of each bangkok features a separate drawstring pouch that opens with a single button, and there’s a small flap on each side of the bag for added security.

The bag comes with a padded shoulder strap and a large, padded pocket, which is a nice addition to any travel bag.

The price tag of $140 comes with shipping, but you’ll be saving plenty of cash by avoiding a big price hike at the airport. Bangkok Bangkong bag $140.00 (estimate) Size: 14″ x 8″ x 0.3″ (34.9cm x 22.9 cm x 5.6cm) Made from the best materials: silk, recycled polyester, cotton, bamboo, hemp, recycled plastic, rayon, recycled leather, natural leather, polyester fabric, nylon fabric, rayons, polypropylene, and natural latex fabric.

Small size (13.8cm x 13.8 cm x 4.1cm).

Made in Thailand. Kohl bag bangkin #021-1015 (estimated) Size : 14″x8″ x 3″ (36.1 cm x 26.1 centimeter x 2.4 cm) Made in India.

Made from recycled polyesters and polyester materials.

Made in Vietnam. /bangkok Kohl bangkin bangkin (estimates) Size (g): 14″ (46 cm) x 8.5″ (33 cm)x3.5 cm (18 cm x 13 cm)Made in India, USA, Vietnam, China.

Made to order in our production facility in Vietnam, with quality materials, with full warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Made of natural materials. Shop Kohl Bangkok