When a $100 necklace goes missing, it’s a mystery to some

A necklace from a chinese lace bag went missing from a Hong Kong shopping mall on Monday.

The necklace, a white silk bracelet, was recovered in a shopping mall by security guards.

The necklace was found in a bag and bag containing other jewelry, including a red dress, blue and yellow necklaces and a red necklace bracelet.

It was not clear how the necklace came to be in the bag.

Security guards said they had been investigating the missing necklace for several months.

Security guard Hong Chung-chung said he had just returned from shopping with friends when he noticed a necklace with a green bead necklace.

He said the necklace had disappeared when he took it home.

“It is strange that the bracelet is missing,” Hong said.

A white silk necklace with green beads was found missing from the Changhua shopping mall in Hong Kong on May 27, 2020.

Changhua police are investigating a case of missing chinese silk bracelet in Hong, China.

Hong said he thought the bracelet had gone missing when he got home, but he had no idea where it was.

He said it was strange that it had been taken home.

“I was really upset and I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

I didn´t know where it came from,” Hong told reporters.

On May 26, police in Hong said they received a report of a missing china silk bracelet from a man in Hong’s eastern district of Kowloon.

Police said they were investigating the case.

In a statement posted on its website on Sunday, Hong said the missing bracelet was worth about HK$6,000.

His family said he was a hard-working and loving husband, father, uncle and grandfather who loved to watch movies and play board games with his family.

(Reporting by Laura Cheung; Editing by Leslie Adler)