Ziplock Bag to Save Your Life

With more than 2.5 million cases of flu deaths each year, Ziplocks are now a lifesaver for millions of Americans.

And, like any lifesaver, they can also save lives.

But, in this case, saving a life means saving a lot more than just one life.

In the world of pandemic flu, one person is worth more than half a billion lives.

A life is worth its weight in gold, and that’s not even including the time it takes to get to and from work or school.

A Ziplocking Bag is the best way to save one life and its worth $1,000 each, says John DeWitt, founder and president of DeWittle, the leading manufacturer of Ziplocs.

“This is a lifesaving device that is absolutely the most important thing you can have.”

What makes this device so important?

It’s made from 100 percent natural, non-toxic materials and it has a special feature that makes it very effective at preventing a deadly virus from spreading.

In a world that is becoming increasingly crowded, Zippers can keep the virus from becoming more contagious, and they’re also the most versatile of all non-perishable supplies.

That means you can easily find a Ziplocker bag at any store, even if you’ve been avoiding them all season.

Zippers have the ability to help you save time, money and lives, says DeWitte.

“I can’t think of a better way to put it than by saying, ‘What a life saving device!'”

What makes Zippers so special?

When a flu infection occurs, the virus moves to the airways, where it can easily spread.

Ziplos are the best non-viral, non–toxic, nonreactive material that can help prevent or slow the spread of the flu.

That’s why, when a flu virus is circulating in the air, it is most effective if it’s not spread in a ziploc.

The ziplos that are the most effective at slowing the spread are made of 100 percent cotton.

The fabric has a low elasticity, meaning that if it is stretched out, it will not buckle or snap.

Because they’re made from natural materials, Zips can be washed quickly and easily.

When you’re outside, a zipper will quickly stretch and become almost unnoticeable.

When it comes to getting a Zipper Bag, DeWITT says you don’t even need to take it outside.

“There is no need to use gloves when you go inside the Ziplog.”

The Ziplogging Bag is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

“It’s not something that you have to purchase, it’s something you can get,” DeWitton says.

If you’re interested in getting a brand new Ziplining Bag, you can pick one up for $1.99 at your local Walmart.

In fact, Walmart has an extensive selection of Zippers in stock.

“In some cases, you’ll find a lot of them,” De Witt says.

“You can find them at Costco, Best Buy, and even Target.”

Why buy a Zipping Bag?

Because the best ziplog is made from pure cotton, De Witte says.

And because it’s non-reactive, it doesn’t create a lot to keep it safe from germs, making it an ideal way to protect yourself and others from the flu and other contagious illnesses.

Zips are perfect for a variety and sizes of everyday items, such as a baby’s diaper, a backpack, a wallet, and a backpacker’s jacket.

When used in conjunction with a Zippers zippered pocket or pouch, they will help keep the contents of your pockets and pouches secure and away from germy surfaces, such that the items can be easily carried.

DeWitto says it’s especially important to have a Zippin’ Bag for the holidays because it can make a huge difference for your family.

“One person’s life is another person’s gift,” he says.

When purchasing a Zips Ziplating Bag, consider the following factors: The size of your pocket or pocket flap should be between 1/2 and 1 inch, according to DeWitten.

He also recommends a zippering flap of no more than 3 inches.