Fox News hosts: N.Y. mayor is ‘very much in the spotlight’

N.y. mayor and his top aides have become the focus of intense scrutiny as the investigation into whether they improperly received gifts from a wealthy businesswoman in exchange for their support of his campaign has intensified.On Thursday, The New York Times published a lengthy account of the investigation that found that the mayor’s office and […]

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Why you should be wearing lace wedding bags in 2018

It’s the time of year where lace wedding dresses are the rage and the trend continues unabated.Lace wedding bags are now considered the fashion accessory of choice for many bridegrooms and grooms, and a large number of them are already in stock.The lace wedding trend has become so prevalent that many brides are now opting […]

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Ivory lace bag review

A simple but elegant bag that combines two of the most popular patterns in the industry: ivory lace and baggier lace.This is a good bag for the everyday wear, especially for the travel enthusiast.It has a soft and comfortable texture, a sleek design, and is constructed of a soft, lightweight fabric.Its a simple, easy to […]

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How to shop for the perfect leather lace bag

When it comes to the most basic essentials, the most expensive items on the market can often be found at the lowest prices.But with the popularity of leather bags, some shoppers have begun to ask themselves, “How do I get the most out of my leather bag?”If you’ve ever wondered how to maximize the wearability […]

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How to buy a lace bag

A black lace bag with a lace cellophanes pattern may seem like an odd choice for a suitcase, but this bag is the perfect accessory for travelling with friends or relatives. The bag features a black and white floral print motif and is designed to be worn with either a black or white scarf. In this post, […]

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How to create a beautiful and chic black lace dress

The Washington D.C. area’s black lace trend is getting more mainstream and fashionable with every passing year.While some might say black lace is just another trend, we at StyleLab love it for it’s unique and beautiful design.Whether you’re looking for a simple black lace ensemble, a simple and chic ensemble or a sophisticated black lace […]

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