How to Make the Best Burlap Bags in a Lifetime

Bags for the outdoor enthusiast are among the most versatile of all outdoor gear.Whether it’s hanging a tent out of a tree or making a tent for a family camping trip, bags have been designed to last for years.Here’s everything you need to know about making a bag that lasts.

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How to keep your jewellery safe online in 2018

The most popular brand of jewelry bags for 2018 have changed a lot over the past year.While the bags were once the go-to item in our everyday carry-on, the brand has been focusing on a much more wearable and personal style.The mainstay of our bags is the Lace Temple bag, which was launched back in […]

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Which white lace bag is best for you?

lace bags are an everyday item that’s popular for women and is a great way to carry your favourite items on long walks or to store your clothes.There are two types of lace bags: white and black.The black lace bag has a mesh or nylon strap, while the white lace is made of a stretchy […]

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How to make the best gussets from lace

The gusseting is one of the most important aspects of a lace bag.This is because it can help prevent the bag from becoming too bulky and to give it a more natural look.To achieve this look, it’s necessary to use the right kind of lace.In this article we’ll look at gussetting and how to make […]

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How to make lace bobbins

I don’t think I’m going to need any more lace bags!It’s time to embrace our natural beauty and make our everyday life a little bit more luxurious!These lace bags are perfect for any day of the week, but are best used for a quick trip to the store or a quick shopping trip, just like […]

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How to wear a lace bag

Burlap lace bag: A colorful bag made of burlap and beads, it can also be used as a handbag.You can find these bags on sale on Amazon for $1.99.The lace bag is also available as a gift from a local designer and can be made into a necklace or bracelet.How to make a lace binder: […]

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