The Jewelry of the Ivory Lace Bag

On a recent trip to Ivory Coast, I was struck by a gem that was a symbol of the region’s rich history.Ivory lace bag made by the famed L’Oréal factory in Paris was adorned with a beautiful ivory necklace.The bag was adorned by a gold locket and a necklace of diamonds, and the jewelry was […]

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How to Make a Fabric Bag with The Lace Temple Bag

You may have heard of the lace temple bags, but you may not know they exist.Lace temples are bags that allow for a simple, chic, and practical solution for bags.The bags are great for bags that are meant to be used as a daily carry-on or carry-out bag.These bags are also perfect for your daily […]

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How to keep your jewellery safe online in 2018

The most popular brand of jewelry bags for 2018 have changed a lot over the past year.While the bags were once the go-to item in our everyday carry-on, the brand has been focusing on a much more wearable and personal style.The mainstay of our bags is the Lace Temple bag, which was launched back in […]

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What to wear when you go skiing in the rain

How to wear lace night bag on your way to the beach: The American conservative article What to do when you get snowed in at night: How to protect your nightwear article When to get ready for your ski trip: The best tips for your skier’s life article The American ski resorts are a big […]

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How to style your own ziploc bag

Lace is an American brand that started out selling ziplocks, which can be used to bag items, but also as a storage device.The lace bag is a new line from the brand.It’s meant to be a lighter and more practical alternative to bags.The bag is made with the ziplOCK technology, which is basically a zipper […]

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